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Services offered for both intensives 

90-day Course

Each cohort will have 15 companies (30 companies in total) up to 2 participants per company

In-person workshops and sessions at New York City offices

Coaching by experienced leaders in the industry

Real time support

Access to funding through end of program pitch competition

How It Works:

01. Application: Entrepreneurs submit their business proposals and ideas for evaluation.

02. Selection: Our internal committee of industry professionals and company leaders screens, interviews, and selects the most promising ventures.

03. Investment: We provide funding and support to the selected startups.

04. Mentorship: Our experts work closely with you to help you navigate the challenges of scaling your health and beauty business.

The Intensive

Tailored expressly for Black and minority entrepreneurs, our intensive 90-day program is meticulously crafted to propel businesses to new heights. This transformative course is meticulously designed to instill the mindset, cultivate essential skills, and foster meaningful relationships vital for unlocking the full potential of your business. At AYO Innovations, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, and our program is a dedicated effort to provide the support and resources needed for sustained success on your entrepreneurial journey.

There are two categories of entrepreneurs:

Emerging Cohort Incubator

Supporting entry-level entrepreneurs in developing their concept into a business

Supercharge Cohort Accelerator

Businesses that have identified their target market, found product market fit, and are now preparing for the next stages of scaling their businesses

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